Precautions during Pump Rotation

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Precautions during Pump Rotation

Some horizontal and vertical pumps are ready for shipment to our foreign clients.  

Not only for our current clients, but whatever you are a pump buyer or end user or distributor or agents in the mining,metallurgy,river and channel dredging area. When you buy, test or operate the pumps,there are some notes or tips that may do any help to you.

1.Pump fails to discharge any liquid.

a)One of the reasons maybe the air leak into suction or packing. We should seal the leakage.

b)Incorrect direction of pump rotation or impeller is worn.We should check the direction of rotation and replace new impeller.

c)Suction pipe is blocked.We should remove the blockage.

2.Shaft Power consumption is excessive.

a)The Packing Gland is excessively tightened against packing rings.We should loosen the gland bolts.

b)Rotating component is friction on a stationary parts.We should remove the friction position.

c)Bearings are worn. We should replace new bearing.

d)Drive belt tension is too tight. We need adjust the belt.

e)Capacity is too large and Pump speed & density is too high. We should modify the pump duty and speed.

f)Misalignment or unparalleling of the drive shaft and pump shaft. We should adjust the motor shaft and pump shaft.

3.Bearing is over heating.

a)Bearing lubricates too much or too less. We need lubricate as requirements.

b)In the lubricants contain impurities.We need replace new lubricating grease.

c)Bearing is worn.We should replace new bearing.

4.Bearing has short lifetime.

a)Misalignment or unparalleling of drive shaft and pump shaft.We should adjust motor shaft and pump shaft.

b)Shaft bent,we need to replace new shaft.

c)There is friction when the pump operation and Impeller unbalanced due to wear.We should remove friction places and replace new impeller.

d)Foreign objects entered into the bearing or insufficient lubrication.We should clean the bearing .

e)Incorrect procedure followed in fitting bearings. We should replace or reassembly  the bearings.

5.Excessive leakage from stuffing box.

a)Packing is excessive worn,we should replace new packing .

b)Shaft sleeve is worn heavily.We should replace shaft sleeve.

c)The Sealing water is dirty.We should change clean sealing water.

6.Pump vibrates or is noisy.

a)Bearing is worn.We should replace new bearing.

b)Impeller is unbalanced.we should replace new impeller.

c)Air enters into the suction pipe or blocked.We should discharge air and remove blockage place.

d)Capacity is non-uniform or pump not primed. We should improve on the pump feeding.